Statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans are dealing with hearing loss. Are you one of them? If so, have you ever thought about how much of an impact improved hearing could have on your life? We now offer digital hearing aids at Vaughn Pharmacy, which are almost invisible! You have no reason to wait any longer. Why not stop by today and take advantage of our free testing and custom fitting at our new digital hearing aid booth!

No Appointments, No Prescriptions

The Vaughn Pharmacy hearing aid booth is the first one of its kind in the Knoxville area. The hearing test takes around 8 minutes, and we have a range of medical-grade hearing aid products to suit over 90% of patients with hearing loss. You don’t need an appointment or a prescription! Our fully trained hearing specialist can immediately help you in-store to complete a hearing aid test and discuss the right model to suit your needs.

Is a Hearing Aid Right For You?

The digital hearing aid products offered at Vaughn Pharmacy are suitable for 90% of people experiencing hearing loss. However, you won’t know for sure if a hearing aid is the right move unless you try it. That’s why we are offering a 45-day risk-free trial at home to let you try it out and determine what benefit you will get from using the device. We have advanced digital hearing aids that are almost invisible when worn. They are easy to use and provide clear, focused sound without irritating background noise. For example, our Volt rechargeable model has intelligent directional microphones to allow you to focus on what you want to hear. With your new hearing aid, you won’t miss out on your life’s most important moments due to poor hearing! Surely, that is worth giving it a try?

Can I Afford a Hearing Aid?

One of the things that concern many of our customers about needing a hearing aid is the cost. At Vaughn Pharmacy, we have always strived to make healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone, and digital hearing aids are no different. We have a range of affordable models starting at $399, and financing options are available if required. Why not come in for free testing and discuss your options with our hearing specialist to determine if there is a viable option to suit your current budget.

Don’t Wait! We have an introductory offer running until August 31, 2020, for a Buy-One-Get-One free giving you a saving of up to $600. Contact Vaughn Pharmacy today on 865-947-1581 for more information. As always, we will treat you with the individual attention that you deserve. You are more than a customer here; you’re family!


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